The Pill-Locker™ electronics manage the dispensing in accordance to programmed commands from any number of I/O ports or through wireless transmissions that are then stored in the unit’s memory. Electronics also track medication use over time and will interface with various communication networks. This allows authorized patients to dispense more than a single day’s dosage if patient needs to travel without the dispenser for short periods. Other models of the Pill-Locker™ allow for the attachment optional consumer cell phones, GPS and smart phones as well as specialized location transmission tracking and tamper/impact sensors with wireless alerts.

The unit shown will withstand attempts to break either the unit or the sliding doors with normal hand tools found at home as well as some common power tools. When struck repeatedly over a short period of time, the unit will “ping” a central office or local police station and a GPS will allow the unit to be tracked.

The Pill-Locker™ is a secure and tamper-proof portable automated prescription pill and capsule dispenser and monitor.  It not only performs the normal functions of tracking, monitoring and reminding patients to medicate properly, but also offers portability and security through its patented design and tamper-proof cells. The secure cells prevent medication theft, prescription abuse, and deliberate overdosing common among mental health and other outpatient populations. The Pill-Locker™ made primarily of hardened, high strength laminated composite that will withstand forceful tampering with standard hand tools and light power tools. It stores and dispenses medications based on a doctor’s prescription through a digital controller in the unit. The prescription can be remotely managed in real time as needed.

 A typical unit contains 32 individual compartments to hold each individual or batch periodic dose of pills/capsules for a defined treatment period. In the model shown, there are four rows of eight compartments per row. Each compartment has a sliding door that is locked by an internal spring-loaded pin.  An internal lock prevents the sliding door from moving.  LEDs indicate which compartment is active to open on which day and a keypad assures that only the patient can access the medication. The compartments are filled with pills and capsules by an authorized provider, aide, or pharmacy either manually or using a dedicated automatic filler. An embedded "hard point" fitting on the unit allows the user to secure the device to an immobile structure if desired.


Suicide by prescription drug overdose, medication theft, accidental misuse of medications and the un-authorized use of another’s prescription will be prevented by the smart, secure Pill-Locker™.